Recharge Software

Custom Software for Mobile Recharge and Bill Payment Services

Recharge companies running in the recharge industry and offering software for mobile recharge and bill payment solution to the customers in their city, most of the companies based on Lapu system but in Lapu based recharge system many difficulties occur and it is difficult to manage multiple operator recharge services.

So taking that into account we have developed and designed web-based recharge software, it’s an automated recharge system running on the web server and accessible anywhere in India by customers.

Web-based all in one multi recharge software for mobile recharge is capable to manage multiple operators, that enables you to provide recharge and bill payment services in all over India through automated mobile recharge software, running on your business domain.

In the web-based recharge software several features available, which are helping to manage all your customers through web panel. By using it you can offer recharge and bill payment service in all over India to your business partners or customers.

Recharge Software for mobile recharge, DTH, Data Card and utility bill (Electricity, Landline, Water bill, Broadband etc.) payment  service for business with B2B or B2C solutions.

If you have a strong network in all over India with the master distributor, retailer, and distributor, so you can manage all of them with the b2b panel, all your b2b members can access your recharge and bill payment services online through web panel and mobile application once registered by you.

Any number of b2b members can use recharge application to make recharge or bill payment with any operator with any amount for their walk-in customers. For the b2b member’s commission packages assign by the system admin, so each success recharge commission automatically distributed by the recharge system, in the recharge software admin have authority to create different commission package.

But if you want to promote recharge and bill payment service globally on the internet then you should start with the b2c panel, its completely online recharge system, running on your business domain, any visitors can access recharge website anywhere in India and can do recharge for any operators online.

In the b2c recharge software, one of third-party payment gateway integrated that helping customers to refill their wallet or make recharge through bet banking or credit/debit card of any banks.

In the b2c panel customers can use wallet transfer facility, means all your customers can transfer own wallet balance to another wallet using QR scan features, which is latest integrated into the b2c recharge software helping to attract your customers and improve your brand presence on the internet.

How Recharge proceed in b2b or b2c recharge software?

In the b2b or b2c recharge software one of recharge API integrated which is helping to make any operators recharge, and all recharge request arrives on the recharge system, and system automatically fetch request and send to particular operators through recharge API, and response update on the recharge system and confirmation message automatically deliver through mobile recharge software on customers number once recharge gets successfully done.

All success or failed recharge report, and profit report available on the admin panel or member panel, so can easily track any recharge transaction.

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