Money Transfer Software

Domestic money transfer software and API service

Looking to provide Domestic money transfer software and API services for your retail network! Searching for money transfer and API service via website and mobile application.

Money transfer service that allows fast & easy fund transfer to beneficiary account through IMPS mode of payment.

domestic money transfer software and API services

Domestic money transfer software and API services

Domestic Money Transfer with IMPS enabled services is a hot service in India. In Indian rural areas most peoples do not have bank accounts. This is why people prefer to visit DMTS agent/retailer for fund transfer to their desired location.

DMTS (Domestic Money Transfer Service) agents or retailers, who wants to offer money transfer services, can start their own money remittance services for their walk in customers.

Money transfer software can help you to start your own money transfer portal for domestic money transfer services.

Noble Web Studio offers money transfer services direct from the bank, instant money transfer to beneficiary Account, instant transaction confirmation by SMS to customer’s registered number.

Money Transfer software works for all bank that supports IMPS services, IMPS is a most popular mode of money transfer, it allows you to send money any time, even on Bank Holidays, DMTS agents or retailers, just need to enter beneficiary Bank Account number and IFSE code to transfer money.

After money transfer API integration with your money transfer software, you can offer your network, retailers, and customers the ability to transfer money to any bank account nationwide.

Benefits of Money Transfer Software

  • IMPS technology enables instant fund transfer to any bank anytime (24×7) including Sunday or bank holidays.
  • No documents required (Identity proof or Address proof) for an opening account or transferring fund. You just needed a mobile number for registration and authentication process.
  • Easy & convenient way to transfer money to any bank, DMTS agents or Retailers can assist for transfer fund instantly to the beneficiary, for the walk in customers.

Noble Web Studio is one of India’s best software development company providing money transfer software for DMT agents with lowest transaction fees.

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